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Lenny Kravitz bowled over by Audio-Technica Wireless

A-T mics make the play for rocker at big American football game you may have heard of

The Super Bowl once again grabbed headlines around the world, more for the glitz of its money-no-object entertainment segments than the game of football itself. (Who played? Who won? Who cares!)

While Katy Perry wowed on the back of a huge puppet beast, and Bryan Cranston reprised his role as Breaking Bad’s Walter White for a one-off insurance commercial, we can report that Lenny Kravitz managed to squeeze in an appearance during half-time too. And with what did he perform at the XLIX Super Bowl from the University of Phoenix Stadium? The Audio-Technica Artist Elite 5000 Series Wireless with an AEW-T6100a Hypercardioid Dynamic Handheld Microphone/Transmitter, that’s what!

(Photo of Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz: Christian Petersen/Getty Images)