LD Systems RoadMan 102 Series

Portable PA system
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What is it?A compact portable PA system suitable for solo performers, churches, schools, business conferences and presentations. DetailsThe RoadMan 102 is described as a multi-purpose, all-in-one portable public address system combining a CD/MP3/USB/SD player and handheld wireless microphone. The RoadMan 102 is powered by dual, integrated 12V/5AH lead acid rechargeable batteries or a built-in 200V - 250V AC switch mode power supply. Using the optional audio link, a network of Roadman units can be used to address larger audiences. Housed in an aluminium enclosure, the design incorporates a 2-way speaker system which pairs a 10” woofer with a 1” high-frequency driver capable of delivering 150W (peak) output and a maximum SPL of 115dB. Quoted frequency response of the system is 70Hz - 16kHz. The RoadMan 102 includes a slot for choice of two UHF PLL synthesised receiver modules together with built-in UHF antennas for use with the wireless microphone. Other features include a voice-priority talkover function, individual volume control for wired and wireless microphones and master volume control. Connection hardware includes XLR/jack combo inputs for two wired microphones or line signals and RCA jacks for line input/output.