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Watch 7 physicists play music inside the Large Hadron Collider (VIDEO)

You won't believe what happens next

This amazing video, commissioned for Cern (the European Organisation for Nuclear Research)’s 60th birthday yesterday, shows seven scientist musicians playing ‘data’ from Large Hadron Collider experiments. Each stands at their own experimental site playing music from their individual experiment data.

The music is based on the translation into melody (sonification) of scientific data collected by the four main Large Hadron Collider experiments, ATLAS, ALICE, CMS and LHCb.

Using data from collected by Cern scientists working at the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, Domenico Vicinanza, arts and humanities manager at GÉANT, a pan-European research and education internet network, created the pieces by associating each measurement with a musical note from a certain musical scale.

“When I wrote this piece, I hoped it would be be a metaphor for scientific collaboration,” says Vicinanza, “[and] to demonstrate the vast and incredible effort these projects represent – often between hundreds of people across many different continents.

“And just as the magic happens when the instruments are playing together, the music played by each single players is the foundation for the others. Each give strength to all the other; new light and new colours are appearing – exactly the same process that occurs every day when people collaborate over scientific research.”