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Lab.gruppen Lucia

Amplifier range

What is it? A dedicated installation amplifier range combining low-impedance amplifier electronics with advanced DSP designed to address the needs of the A/V contractor. Details According to Lab.gruppen, Lucia is aimed at small-scale A/V applications where high-quality audio is required without the complication and additional cost of a distributed system with centralised rack-mounted amplification, matrixing and processing. The Lucia range comprises four models in two power configurations: 2 x 60W and 2 x 120W – each available with either 4-input/4-output matrix mixer and configurable DSP (Lucia 120/2M, Lucia 240/2M) or in a basic 2-input/2-output configuration (Lucia 120/2 and Lucia 240/2). All models are equipped with pre-configured DSP, but the Matrix variants also facilitate easy set-up via USB connection (using Windows or Mac configuration software) to unlock the full potential of the processing and mix-matrix features to meet specific system requirements. With built-in limiters and EQ plus processing algorithms evolved from TC Electronic’s System 6000, Lucia also offers an Enhanced Bass Profile said to provide improved LF performance from standard full-range, in-ceiling or surface-mount speakers without the need for a separate subwoofer. The design also features an Auto Load Sense function which measures speaker load impedance and adjusts itself to deliver maximum power at all impedances between 2 and 8 ohms. All Lucia models also have intelligent fan control for silent operation at low volume and low-noise at high output when fan is operational. And another thing… Lucia amps can drive up to 16 speakers on a localised low-impedance system (8 per channel at 16 ohms).