L-Acoustics introduces K Systems accreditation programme

The KSE designation acknowledges " the high level of expertise in the field that L-Acoustics system technicians have accumulated," said programme developer David Brooks.
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L-Acoustics has developed a K Systems Engineer (KSE) Accreditation Programme recognising a technicians advanced level of understanding in implementing L-Acoustics systems. David Brooks, application department, L-Acoustics, who was responsible for developing the KSE Accreditation Programme, said, “We are thrilled to be able to acknowledge the high level of expertise in the field that L-Acoustics system technicians have accumulated. Our training programme reinforces our support for the rental network agents and technicians in their continued effort to offer the best service to their clients. We look forward to its continued success.” In order to qualify for the KSE designation, technicians must have:

  • A minimum of five years’ experience in the audio industry
  • Following qualification as an ST you need to have two years or more experience on both one modular and one large format L-Acoustics line source systems
  • An extensive real world experience and working knowledge of the above mentioned L-Acoustics systems
  • Demonstrated fluency in both Soundvision and LA Network Manager LA Network Manager software

Applicants that pass the reviewing process and qualify for the status of KSE will receive an official welcome letter accepting them into the programme, an official identity card issued by L-Acoustics, a KSE jacket and publication in the online KSE directory. www.l-acoustics.com



Global demo tour for L-Acoustics ARCS systems

L-Acoustics is taking its new ARCS WIDE and ARCS FOCUS systems on a global demo tour, which began in mid-September. The demos will also cover L-Acoustics’ Coaxial and Variable Curvature sound systems and technologies.