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KV2 Audio SDD3

Delay processor

What is it? A 3-channel digital delay processor designed to offer enhanced system time matching for delay stacks, under-balcony fills and other distributed audio systems. Details The 1U rack-mount SDD3 utilises KV2’s 20MHz PDM (Pulse Density Modulation) technology developed for time alignment of speaker systems. Offering high-quality line driver outputs, two channels of the SDD3 use KV2’s Super Digital technology said to deliver wide bandwidth and enhanced dynamic range (in excess of 105dB) for delays in the range from 0.012ms to 400ms. Each channel is equipped with a tunable high-pass filter while a third channel incorporates a simple analogue circuit providing up to 10ms of delay for configuring cardioid sub-woofer systems. Some 30 memory locations are available with programming carried via front-panel display and data entry control. And another thing… In addition to the A and B channels output level controls, the SDD3 also includes dual subwoofer level controls each with 0º/180º phase switching.