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Korn tours world with Aviom

Korn drummer Ray Luzier has been using an Aviom personal mixer on tour for over two years and keyboardist Zac Baird added the kit to his list in 2013 when the band set out to tour its album, The Paradigm Shift.

Korn drummer Ray Luzier and keyboardist Zac Baird are taking Aviom personal mixers with them on their 2014 world tour.

Luzier uses the A-16R Rack-mounted Personal Mixer and A-16CS Control Surface. “With the Aviom, I’m finally getting some control,” he says.

Baird also uses the A-16R and A-16CS. He explains: “The Aviom has been great. Once I learned how to properly use it, everything made sense. My first show with the Aviom was one of my best in weeks, and I felt that a lot of this had to do with the Aviom. I’m so happy we get to use them.”

Monitor engineer Stew Wilson sends 16 channels of audio to the A-16R for Luzier’s mix and with the improved mix he achieves by using the Aviom unit, he is able to focus more on the monitor mixes for the rest of the band.

Wilson says: “With Ray and Zac using the Aviom personal mixers, I can really focus my attention on the mixes for the other guys. Everyone is happy because they are getting a better mix.”