KME VB 208 and VSS 28

Compact sub-woofers
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 What is it?A pair of ultra-compact subwoofers. Details The VB 208 is described as a “highly stressable” lightweight passive subwoofer with dual 8” neodymium speakers in a hybrid cabinet. Using the combination of bass-reflex housing and a horn system, the enclosure is said to deliver powerful and precise bass sound reproduction at high SPLs. The VB 208i installation version of the speaker includes a special mounting set for a quick and safe wall or ceiling installation via four M8 threaded bolts. With its 25cm installation height and 54cm depth, the VB 208i is said to be suitable for small-scale applications in compact theatres and similar venues. Identical in construction and dimensions to the VB 208, the VSS 28 sub-woofer is another compact lightweight design with dual 8” drivers, digital amplifier technology and integrated DSP. All models are finished in black polyurethane coating (the VB 208i is also in white) with steel front grilles in front of acoustic foam to protect the speaker components.