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K-array and MAVT create dynamic audio system for Norway families

The Danish distributor MAVT DK recently installed K-array’s Italian designed and created audio set-up at Norway’s popular open-air family show Herliland in Kristiansand Dyreparken .

The performance positioned next to the Dyreparken lake is watched by 1,500 spectators and features acrobatic performances, singing and dancing. Performers combine the use of the stage and the water to create an engaging fantasy show of drama and comedy.

Jan Juul Hansen from MAVT has been the system designer for Herliland as well as many other installations in the Nordic region. Due to the varying demmands of each annual Herliland performance it is not possible to replicate the PA system from the year before. Hansen explains: “The complications with this particular show is the scale of the stage and diversity of using both land and water sets. Near-to-invisible speakers are important so they do not disrupt the audience’s view but it is essential that the speakers can work in harmony with the microphones and the landscape in order to project the audio effectively.”

K-array speakers were the Herliland organizers’ first choice down to their weatherproof, slim and unobtrusive design which creates a greater focus on the show itself.

Jan Juul Hansen and his team put together 3 x KR400 systems mounted on to three flagpoles at each side of the stage. Each flagpole supported 4 metres of 3.15” columns that were positioned above the stage over the heads of the 14 performers.

To complete the work three subwoofer KMT21s were hidden underneath the flagpoles on both sides of the stage.