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JoeCo JoeCoRemote

Remote control app and interface

What is it? A software app and hardware interface providing remote control of both 24-channel and 64-channel BlackBox recorders and BlackBox players via iPad. Details JoeCoRemote offers an intuitive interface allowing all transport functions (Play, Stop, Record) to be remotely controlled from the iPad as well as providing access to the BlackBox menu structure for changing settings. JoeCoRemote also provides an accurate metering overview for the BlackBox Recorder and can be used for remotely controlling and editing BlackBox Player playlists. Playlists that are stored on the Player’s external hard disk or flash drive can be viewed and edited on the iPad interface as a practical alternative for remote editing of show content. The iPad interface also provides a further option for triggering playlists during shows, theatre performances and themed entertainment. And another thing… For venues where multiple competing WiFi signals can create congestion, a cable is also supplied with the interface for alternative wired connectivity.