Innovason’s Eclipse mixes opera fest in Russia

An Innovason Eclipse GT digital mixing console handled the FOH mix for a recent performance by French tenor Roberto Alagna at the opening of the second International Kazan Autumn Opera Festival.
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Innovason distributor Imlight handled AV requirements for a recent performance by renowned French tenor Roberto Alagna for the opening of the second International Kazan Autumn Opera Festival in Kazan, Russia. At FOH was an Innovason Eclipse GT digital mixing console handling the mix. FOH engineer Vladimir Ryabenko, who was employed at the behest of conductor Alexander Sladkovsky to mix the orchestra, first came across the Eclipse in at the recent Sziget festival in Hungary, where he also met engineer and Tonmeister Carsten Kümmel. Kümmel was partly responsible (along with Innovason’s Hervé de Caro) for the development of the new PANDORA panning facility on the Eclipse GT, which Ryabenko requested for the Kazan festival. “Vladimir asked for a pretty complex setup,” explained Kümmel. “We had 44 channels plus effects (which Vladimir managed from his PC using Altiverb), with delay on all the channels to make the sound as realistic as possible, and parallel compression on the strings. We also had to interface the Eclipse with a second console being used by Roberto Alagna’s engineer to mix the two vocal mics of the soloists. These signals were then sent to the Eclipse to be mixed with the orchestra. We then applied PANDORA to the full mix to open up the stereo image so that the members of the audience could hear everything perfectly, no matter where they were seated.” Ryabenko added: “The console gave me a good overview of what was going on and of course the quality of the console and PANDORA meant that the show sounded great. Thanks to Carsten for all his help and support, and I look forward to next time.”


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