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Indochine take Lab.gruppen racks, Soundcraft and DiGiCo desks on Black City Tour

Lagoona specified an Adamson Energia sound reinforcement system

However, coverage of the second balcony was still not complete. With the goal of providing the same audio experience to every seat in the house, Poirot designed a roof delay system for the upper balcony seats. (Read the first part of this two-part feature here.) Six smaller line arrays – four with nine E12s and two with six E12s – were hung from the lip of the stadium roof. The distributed ring of line arrays completed the system, enveloping the stadium in smooth, seamless sound reinforcement.

“I really did not expect to have such consistency with the PA system in a venue of this size,” comments Dubich. “It was awesome at all levels.”

The sound reinforcement system was driven by racks of Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q (78) and 10000Q (22) amplifiers with Lake processing. The racks, situated near the arrays they powered, were also equipped with Lake digital audio system processors; a total of nine LM 44 and seven LM 26 units were in use. “The Lab.gruppen amps deliver a very punchy sound that we really like,” Poirot says.

Dubich manned a DiGiCo SD7 at front of house for Indochine (pictured), while a DiGiCo SD10 was also on hand for the opening acts. Monitor engineer Cedric Pontieux had two Soundcraft Vi6 digital consoles at his disposal for all monitor operations.

Dubich notes that he chose the SD7 not only for its audio quality but also because of the flexibility it provides with routing, desk organization, dynamics and EQ. The SD7 is also loaded with a Waves Soundgrid, which provides “infinite” plug-in options. “Phillippe uses a multiband compressor, dynamic EQs and DeEsser on all channels,” adds Bedon. “With all of the plugins controlled directly on the touch screen, it is an incredibly powerful desk with unlimited possibilities.”

Dubich’s outboard gear rack is loaded with a Lexicon 960L digital effects system, TC Electronic M6000 (effects) and a DiGiCo SD Mini Rack.

After Stade de France, Indochine began to wrap up the Black City Tour with final show dates in Colmar, Argeles, London and Carhaix. “It has been an amazing tour,” concludes Poirot. “We have been fortunate to play in incredible venues to thousands of loyal fans. The system is rock solid. The team of people we are working with is more than impressive. It would be wonderful if every tour could go as well as this has.”