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Studiomaster PA for Defiled gig on iceberg (VIDEO)

Jägermeister approached the UK company to supply a PA tough enough to perform in Arctic conditions

British pro-audio company Studiomaster supplied a ”berg-suitable’ PA for the world’s first ever gig on an iceberg.

London metal band The Defiled performed in sub-zero temperatures atop the floating platform for the latest instalment in Jägermeister’s Ice Cold Gig series, which previously saw former Busted and Fightstar Charlie Simpson travel to Siberia to break the Guinness World Record for the world’s coldest gig.

Jägermeister approached Studiomaster to supply a PA tough enough to perform in Arctic conditions following Carlsbro/Studiomaster’s sponsorship of this year’s Bloodstock festival, during which the company supplied emergency kit to the Jägermeister Stage. “It was a brief we could confidently commit to, given the robust build quality of Studiomaster product,” says assistant general manager Patrick Almond. “In fact, it presented a perfect opportunity to prove the near-military grade construction of the new Horizon powered mixer. The look of the all-British design says how tough it is – and then there’s 1000 watts a side of Class-D power amplification; more than enough to provide sound coverage on an iceberg!”

The Studiomaster 2012 powered mixer was partnered with a pair of XPX 12 moulded cabinets on stands, providing the best possible power-to-weight ratio (weight being a critical consideration in not tipping the band and all their equipment into the freezing sea), and Studiomaster KM92 dynamic mics were also used.

“This was a great opportunity to create some amazing brand exposure, and we are going to be following that through with related promotional campaigns at retail level to provide some of that benefit to our dealers,” continues Almond. “Watch out for our forthcoming Iceberg Horizon bundles and some in-store Jägermeister co-sponsorship promotions.”

Production manager and operations director for the event was Tom McShane, whose company, Secret Compass, was formed by ex-British Parachute Regiment officers to conduct exploratory expeditions to remote post-conflict areas and endangered ecosystems in places like Afghanistan, South Sudan, Madagascar and Panama. “The trip went fantastically and the Studiomaster gear performed superbly,” he comments. “I was massively impressed with the setup and it sounded great.

“The little generator we had actually put out enough power to run all of the gear, so thanks [to Studiomaster] for your advice and selection of the equipment. It was also a really light setup, too. I had to set up all the backline and the PA and soundcheck it, but I managed to get it all up and running within five minutes – it was really simple.”

Watch The Defiled’s full Ice Cold Gig below.