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Hosa Technology Mogan Elite ICE Omni

Low-visibility ear set mic

What is it? A subminiature earset microphone designed to deliver full-frequency vocal reproduction for performers and presenters. Details Said to be “all-but invisible” in use, the Mogan Elite ICE Omni incorporates a moisture-resistant, 2.5mm omni-directional capsule with -45dB nominal sensitivity which can be positioned further from the mouth than conventional earset mics. Delivering 20Hz – 20kHz frequency response and a maximum SPL rating of 140dB, the design offers high gain before feedback and a “natural, resonant” sound quality. With its hypoallergenic Mogan earpiece and new Invisi-Clear Earpiece (ICE) transparent earpiece designed to blend with the user’s skin tone, the Mogan Elite ICE Omni promises low visibility on stage (or on camera) combined with a thin, strong boom that can be worn on the left or right and adjusted to the contours of any face. And another thing… The Mogan Elite ICE Omni earset microphone can be used with a variety of interchangeable cables that allow connection to wireless transmitters from Shure, AKG, Sennheiser and Audio Technica etc.