Historic Czech theatre doubles up with Innovason

A second Innovason Eclipse GT console has been installed in one of the Czech Republic’s most historic cultural landmarks, the J.K. Tyl theatre in Pilsen.
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Less than a year after a significant audio system upgrade, which included the purchase of a new Innovason Eclipse GT, the J.K. Tyl theatre in Pilsen, Czech Republic, has installed a second Innovason digital mixing console. Once again the Eclipse GT was supplied and installed in the historic theatre by Innovason distributor and entertainment solutions provider MusicData. “We know Eclipse very well now, and my colleagues and I play on all its advantages,” said chief sound engineer Peter Šolc (pictured, right). “We really enjoy the “Total Recall” function which enables us to have different fader set-ups for each scene that can be recalled at the touch of a button, and very easily changed within scenes or globally if necessary. The console is also well laid out and the sound quality is of an extremely high standard. But best of all is the Virtual Soundcheck function which enables us to prepare the mix in extraordinary detail without the musicians having to be there. We would never have dreamed that it was possible – it’s just fantastic!” The newest console has been installed in the FOH position at the back of the auditorium, controlling and transmitting audio to and from seven possible locations in the building via an EtherSound network. Installed last year, the EtherSound network has also been expanded with a number of new devices including additional Innovason SR-16 16-in/16-out stage boxes; the M.A.R.S. multitrack recording option on the Eclipse; and AuviTran’s Audio ToolBox rackmount modular audio platform for audio network management for a total of 19 networked devices. www.innovason.com



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