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Grund Audio GT-SF242R

Front or side-fill speaker

What is it? A front fill/side fill speaker said to offer greater versatility in terms of placement and positioning compared to typical point source designs. Details Measuring 36.25″(w) x 15″(h) x 14.625″(d), the Grund Audio GT-SF242R is a 2-way design housing dual-12″ transducers and a 2″ HF compression driver coupled with an 80º x 50º horn on a rotatable conversion plate allowing optimised dispersion across a 40Hz – 18kHz frequency range. Rotating the horn physically changes the porting of the box, as the vent holes move to accommodate the horn’s position. This allows the enclosure to be used as a front or side fill system offering broad coverage, irrespective of its physical orientation. The GT-SF242R also incorporates an innovative 6″ fly track on both the top and underside of the enclosure that allows multi-faceted positioning and use in multiples for line source hanging. In addition to horizontal flying, it can also be flown vertically from the ends of the enclosure. And another thing… The enclosure is constructed from 13-ply Baltic birch and finished in a durable polyurethane enamel (black or white) and powder-coated steel grille with a high transmission ratio that is backed by a splash mesh to protect the transducers.