Funktion-One delivers live sound masterclass at Backstage Academy

Funktion-One’s Tony Andrews and John Newsham examined the keys to good sound, using the company's own Resolution 4 Touring speakers and F218 bass enclosures.
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Funktion-One’s Tony Andrews and John Newsham recently spent a day with students at West Yorkshire’s Backstage Academy. The duo delivered a Funktion-One masterclass for the Live Sound Module, which is part of the Academy’s Foundation Degree in Live Events Production. Utilising a Funktion-One system, comprising Resolution 4 Touring speakers and F218 bass enclosures, the discussion covered the key considerations of allowing good sound and began with the best starting point of all - how to really listen to and interpret what is heard. The tutorial also examined the nature of sound, covered human sensitivity to time information, as well as the importance of transients and their connection to good sound. Backstage Academy’s technical director Gareth Welbourn said: “I’d like to thank Tony and John for giving up their precious time to talk to our students on the course. Everyone was very inspired by the session and it caused many students to think outside of the box. The involvement of people like Funktion-One allows us to expose the students to a variety of current ideas, practices and technologies that drive today’s industry.”



Funktion One lets the bass kick at Tomorrowland

With 16 stages, and over 180,000 dance and techno afficionados, the eighth edition of the Tomorrowland festival proved another hit. Funktion One provided the beats and ultra deep bass, while marking the European debut of its new Infrabass subs.