THE FRINGE: Yamaha QLs enjoy a Pleasance time in Edinburgh

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Matthew Ferrie with Yamaha QL5 in Pleasance Two

Six Yamaha QL series digital consoles enjoyed a month of hard work throughout August with multi-venue operator Pleasance at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The Fringe is renowned as a difficult taskmaster on both equipment and staff alike due to many of the venues being in ‘found’ spaces, or parts of university buildings, that aren’t designed for live shows.

Supplied by Orbital Sound, Pleasance is a long-term user of Yamaha mixing consoles. “At Pleasance, we strive to provide the highest quality equipment, even in the smallest venues," says Matthew Ferrie, head of sound at Pleasance, "which is why we put Yamaha digital consoles in all the spaces we can."

Highlighting the size of the task, Ferrie (pictured) comments: “The mix position in some of the venues is tiny or awkward to get to, so the footprint of the console is really important. There are a lot of funny-shaped rooms where we can’t just do proscenium left/right and a couple of delays.

“Because of the quick turnaround between shows, we teach them to keep things simple – patch it all 1:1, everything to the stereo bus and then use the matrixes to do delays and so on.”

(Georgia Butler)



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