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Fixed FOH positions a thing of the past with Mackie DL32R digital mixer

The 32-channel mixing system, launched today, allows users to "control everything from anywhere"

Mackie today introduced the DL32R, a new 32-channel digital mixing system controlled completely from its Master Fader iPad app. Featuring wireless control over everything, including fully loaded DSP and multitrack recording and playback, Mackie says the mixer allows users “to control everything from anywhere”.

“Early on, Mackie believed that we can bring the user incredible benefits if we just let go of old conventions,” comments Ben Olswang, Mackie senior product manager. “By ensuring that each and every feature can be controlled wirelessly without compromise, we are delivering benefits to users that were simply not possible before now.”

The DL32R features a mix of flexible I/O in an ultra-compact 3U rackmount design. Each of the 32 inputs (24 XLR and eight XLR/TRS combo) feature Mackie’s new Onyx+ recallable mic preamps, with remote control over preamp gain and phantom power. The Onyx+ preamps “outperform the industry-proven Onyx design, which has garnered rave reviews for its boutique-quality sound and performance”, according to the company.

“You get frequency response that goes all the way down to 20Hz within 1dB at all gain settings,” says Olswang. “Noise is minimised at every gain setting, not just minimum and maximum like other mixers. Designed for the rigid standards of professional live sound, DL32R’s gain changes are completely silent.”

The wireless nature of the system eliminates the need for a fixed FOH position, enabling the engineer to place the mixer where it works best (“be it next to the stage, backstage or even tucked away in a utility closet,” suggests Mackie). Multiple engineers can also work wirelessly from a single DL32R mixer using their own iOS device, including monitor engineers and performers who wish to control their own monitor mixes. (The lead engineer can apply access limiting to additional control devices, keeping the user from making unwanted changes.)

The DL32R incorporates two flexible methods for multitrack recording and playback. The first is direct to USB hard drive, currently a 24bit/48kHz 24 x 24 platform (although this will be expanded to 32 x 32 via a free firmware update), while the second, direct-to-disk option “delivers unprecedented wireless control over your multi-track recording and playback”.

“Just connect a USB hard drive loaded with your media directly to the DL32R and you can control it all from anywhere in the venue,” says Olswang. “It’s an amazing way to control things like backing tracks and intermission music all while recording the show. Plus, who wants to run back and forth to a separate recording rig?”

“With the Mackie DL32R, you control everything from anywhere,” he concludes. “You get the freedom to mix how you want, where you want and get results that truly benefit the audience.”

The DL32R will be available worldwide in Q4 2014.