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First ‘Totally Harman Pro’ event a roaring success

The 31st re-enactment the Mille Miglia, which Enzo Ferrari described as "the most beautiful race in the world" was the first in a series of events to be staged under the Totally Harman Pro banner.

The 31st re-enactment the Mille Miglia, which Enzo Ferrari described as “the most beautiful race in the world” and which dates back to 1927, was staged in Italy from 16 – 19 May.
Historical horsepower was supplied by almost 400 beautiful cars, from museums or private collections, including the Mercedes 300 SLR that set an all-time record in 1955 when driven by Stirling Moss. As well as David Coulthard, VIP drivers this year included golfer Colin Montgomerie, cyclist Chris Hoy, actor Daniel Day Lewis, model David Gandy and Yasmin Le Bon.
At the Brescia start/finish and the turn-round point in Rome, sound reinforcement was all Harman, with JBL, Soundcraft and AKG equipment.
“The rally was the first in a series of events to be staged under the THP (Totally Harman Pro) banner,” explains Giacomo Laria, live division manager with Leading Technologies, Harman’s Italian distributor.
The project, conceived by Laria, will involve AV and lighting rental firms in collaboration with event producers and organisers and provides a sort of ID card, guaranteeing the quality of events on which Harman products play a key role.
Equipment for both locations was supplied by Acoustic Light of Assisi; a company which, as well as audio, lighting and video rental for entertainment and corporate events, also offers sales and installation facilities.

Owner Stephan Luthi explains: “At Brescia, five audio towers were mounted opposite the ramp and stands, with front systems covering the stands and the side hangs with the spectators alongside, apart from the middle tower, which hosted the control platform and OB cameras and only had front systems.”
Of the other four towers, the first and last had a hang of four VT4888A and two VT4880A (front) and a VT4880A sub, plus two VRX 932LAP for side coverage, while the other two were identical, apart from an additional pair of VT4888A on each. In the spectacular location alongside Rome’s Castel Sant’Angelo, each of the two main towers had a hang of six VT4887, covering the spectators in front of the towers (on the other side of the road from the ramp), plus a hang of three VRX932LAP (one covering the stand seating on the left of one tower and on the right of the other). A third tower hosted two hangs of three VRX932LAP, each covering the stands alongside the tower. The bottom end was catered for by a pair of SRX728S subs ground-stacked two-up below the two main towers.
Luithi added: “We have a large stock of various JBL systems, but the VerTec arrays were ideal for covering the large crowds and giving more punch at the ramps, ensuring speech intelligibility over the noise of the cars’ engines.” Mixing the background music and AKG series D700 wireless mic systems, each location was equipped with a Soundcraft Vi1 console.

After the event, which was won by Argentina’s Juan Tonconogy and Guillermo Berisso, driving a 1927 Bugatti T40, Laria enthused: “This first practical THP experience gave very satisfactory results for all concerned.”