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FIRmaker code promises improved coverage for line arrays

AFMG, the development house behind EASE acoustic simulation package, has already been backed by three amplifier manufacturers at FIRmaker's software launch at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt.

Berlin-based software developer Ahnert Feistel Media Group (AFMG) has launched the FIRmaker sound optimisation tool, designed to dramatically enhance the performance of line arrays. Three pro-audio brands have already embedded the software in their equipment, managing director Stefan Feistel (pictured) revealed at press conference in Frankfurt.

FIRmaker is a “highly sophisticated optimisation algorithm that is designed for computing optimal FIR (finite impulse response) coefficients tailored to the venue”. Loudspeaker manufacturers can employ FIRmaker to give engineers and sound designers customers the option of tuning DSP FIR filters to “every possible venue within seconds”, says the developer, whose EASE and EASERA acoustics simulation and measurement tools have become industry standards.
In a white paper, AFMG proposes how, with the application of FIRmaker, “large-format line arrays will benefit from longer throw distances, unsurpassed even coverage, maximized output levels, and extremely fast set-up”. Digitally steered columns in acoustically challenging spaces will be boosted in “their ability to deliver [a] substantially increased signal to noise ratio as well as maximum speech intelligibility”.
Lab.gruppen, Powersoft and Four Audio are the first three brands to engage with FIRmaker, software which has taken nearly nine years to bring to market. “[The three companies] have supported us with their FIR capable DSPs during the development and intense testing phase,” AFMG’s Thilo Schuetz told PSNEurope.

“It will be the loudspeaker manufacturers that will be licensing the tech in order to employ the optimisation for their speakers. We will be working together with each manufacturer very closely in order to assure best quality and integration adapted to the specifics of each loudspeaker system. It will be the manufacturer that will be deciding on the details of each solution and how they want to pass it on to their customers/users.” “Even SPL coverage to every seat in the house… Using any line array loudspeaker system…Driven by Lab.gruppen PLM Series. This is something we are very excited about, and pleased to be a part of,” commented Martin Andersson, product manager for Lab.gruppen. “It’s early days, but all the results we’ve seen so far are extremely positive and we will be putting our full weight behind progressing this and taking it to its full potential.”
“All PLM Series amplifiers can interface with FIRmaker. Surely thousands of users of both new as well as existing systems will soon benefit from this integration,” said Feistel.
Italy’s Powersoft has also taken on FIRmaker technology. AFMG’s algorithms can now be loaded directly into Powersoft’s flagship product lines, the K Series of amplifiers and the DSP4 module for powered loudspeakers. “FIRmaker technology is software-only, meaning it can be applied to both new as well as existing sound systems. – Powersoft K Series amps support FIRmaker out of the box!” adds Feistel.
FIRmaker is also supported by the HD2, a loudspeaker management controller produced by Aachen, Germany-based Four Audio.
AFMG is the public face of EASE developer SDA (Software Design Ahnert), which celebrated its 30th anniversary last September.