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Europe Day is a Dream with Sound Projects and ASL

The Belgian supplier provided a DreamLine sound reinforcement system to the EU Parliament

On 9 May, Belgium-based ASL supplied a Sound Projects DreamLine sound reinforcement system to the European Parliament – which, along with other EU institutions, opened its doors to the general public – for Europe Day.

The day’s main music performances and speeches were held in the main square in front of the parliament building’s entrance.

“These are the projects where the DreamLines [pictured] prove to be unbeatable,” says Peter Ellegeest, an ASL engineer. “Events like this are about many things, but not about sound reinforcement. Intelligibility and high-fidelity music should simply be there.

“Inconspicuous, up and ready to play in minutes rather than hours, predictable coverage, predictable sound quality. It proved all easy work with the DreamLine.”