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Electro-Voice RCM-28 DSP

Digital amp controller

What is it?A dual-channel digital controller module offering DSP functions and a redundantly-implemented OMNEO network interface.DetailsThe RCM-28 DSP is the first EV product to support the new OMNEO media network architecture, allowing TourGrade amps to be integrated within networks of up to 100 other devices without extra hardware. The RCM-28 includes a digital AES 3 (AES/EBU) input offering 128dB dynamic range and a loop-through option, with two further analogue inputs and a pair of 116 dB SNR analogue outputs available via XLR connections. The network allows transmission of several hundred simultaneous audio channels and an additional channel can also be transmitted for remotely monitoring the audio signal path at the amplifier.The module covers a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range with an internal latency of 1.5ms for the AES 3 In/Analogue Out and 2.375ms for the Analogue In/Analogue Out. The design offers 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion with DSP processing performed at 48-bit resolution. In addition to standard DSP functions, multi-band parametric EQ, input/output delay, and additional FIR filters on the output, crossovers and limiters are also available. Dual RJ-45 ports serve as interfaces for the OMNEO network alongside four configurable GPIO control ports.And another thing… OMNEO combines two key technologies – Audinate’s Dante media transmission and the OCA (Open Control Architecture) control system developed by Bosch together with the OCA Alliance. Together, these allow transmission of audio as well as the control of all devices via standard Ethernet with standardised protocols.