Electro-Voice covers Biathlon World Cup

Sound reinforcement for the newly-refurbished 135 metre long grandstand comprised 30 Electro-Voice XLD281 line array elements, split between five arrays of six modules each.
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An Electro-Voice XLD system was deployed by Traunstein-based Musik Mayer for this year’s Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding, Germany. For several years Musik Mayer has been employed as general contractor for the event. They, in turn, commissioned MSE-Tontechnik GmbH of Stubenberg in Lower Bavaria to plan and implement the sound reinforcement for the main grandstand. The main grandstand of the Chiemgau Arena recently underwent a major refurbishment and now extends for 135 metres, seating 13,000 spectators. MSE’s managing director, Johannes Schilling, noted that those spectators have come to expect high-quality sound in the stands. “Quite aside from the sound quality they provide, any loudspeakers used here have to be weatherproof to a very high degree, as there are often extreme variations in temperature. All in all, a great deal is demanded of the sound reinforcement equipment.” For the biathlon, Schilling and his team deployed 30 Electro-Voice XLD281 line array elements, split between five arrays of six modules each. These were driven by Electro-Voice TG-7 amplifiers equipped with RCM-26 modules to provide remote control. “The horizontal dispersion pattern of the XLD281 elements with their 120- degree coverage suited us nicely in view of the length of the grandstand,” explained Schilling. “With these, as opposed to cabinets with a narrower dispersion angle, we were able to provide continuous coverage of the entire stand using relatively few towers.” www.electrovoice.com



Electro-Voice on tour with Enrico

Enrico Brignano’s three-hour show combined cabaret, comedy and an 18-piece orchestra, for which Backstage PA chose an XLVC line array to maximize intelligibility and sound quality.