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EAW QX300 Series

Variable coverage speaker range

What is it? A range of speaker enclosures offering the core feature set of the QX500 range, but in a smaller enclosure. Details QX300 series speakers are built around a single enclosure housing four 10″ low-frequency cone transducers in vertical and horizontal pairs plus a high-output, low-resonance, 4″ coil/1.4″ exit HF compression driver offering six distinct coverage patterns within the range. Low frequency driver spacing in the QX300 range is designed to offer smooth transition to the high frequency section in both the horizontal and vertical planes. The QX300 series currently comprises: QX399 90°(h) x 90°(v), QX396 90°(h) x 60°(v), QX394 90°(h) x 45°(v), QX366 60°(h) x 60°(v), QX364 60°(h) x 45°(v) and QX326 120°(h) x 60°(v). The smaller format of the QX300 horns and the 2-way system design push the optimal bandwidth of the low frequency section to a higher frequency than that found in the QX500 range. At these frequencies the horns exhibit the targeted pattern control of the finished system which is most commonly wider in one plane than the other. In order to ensure a beamwidth-matched crossover on both axes, EAW developed a symmetrical enclosure that delivers wider LF spacing in one plane than the other. And another thing… QX300 enclosures can be ordered in standard black or white finish or with WP (weather-protected) coating.