DPA Microphones’ d:dicate series goes wireless

New shock mount accessory and active cable introduced
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DPA Microphones has introduced new accessories for the d:dictate Microphone Series – the GSM4000 Gooseneck Shock Mount Accessory and MMP-G Modular Active Cable for MicroDot.

The products give users the ability to create a completely wireless microphone setup.

The MMP-G is an ultra-transparent preamplifier with active drive for impedance balancing to reject frequency interference. It permits the modular d:dicate capsules to connect to wireless systems with its fixed MicroDot connector that works with the wide range of DPA adapters suited for all professional wireless systems. The MMP-G is available in two variations, MMP-GR with the cable extending from the rear or MMP-GS with the cable extending from the side.

The GSM4000 (pictured) has an integrated shock mount solution ensuring sound is not affected by, for example, handling noise. It is available in black, has a length of 11.5 cm (4.5”) and allows the microphone to be set up in a variety of different positions.

Anne Berggrein, VP of marketing at DPA Microphones said: “Traditionally, musicians and sound engineers bought the legendary d:dicate microphones like the d:dicate 4006A Omnidirectional Microphone or the d:dicate 4011A Cardioid Microphone because they wanted the highest-end recording microphones available on the market. Now these new accessories give them wireless freedom. The mics can easily be used on several instruments – and taken on the road with no issues.”



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