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DPA hits high note with MKS

FOH engineer Charlie Dale first heard the mics at Ronnie Scott’s and is now using DPA d:facto II vocal microphones for all his current gigs, including those of the original Sugababes.

DPA microphones have been chosen for the tour of MKS, the original Sugababes line-up (MKS derives from Mutya-Keisha-Siobhan). Charlie Dale, FOH for the band and US rapper Angel Haze, as well as in-house engineer at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London, is using DPA d:facto II Vocal Microphones for all of his current gigs. Dale first heard the mics at Ronnie Scott’s and says he was immediately impressed by the clarity and tone delivered from a live vocal. It wasn’t long before they became his mic of choice for pop gigs too.

“With MKS, all three of the girls have very different and distinct-sounding voices, and the d:facto II Vocal Microphone handled all of them with ease,” he said. “With performers, the clarity of the mic is often commented on,” Dale adds. “It allows a vocalist to hear the nuances of their vocal and gives them more control, even through loud stage wedges.” The mics have proved versatile enough for Dale’s work with rapper Angel Haze. “She rarely sings at a gig,” Dale explains. “Instead, she spends most of the time rapping hard and fast into the capsule at close proximity, often cupping the mic as many rap artists do. But it handles this well, making it much easier for me to pick up every syllable she spits out without loss of tonal quality on her vocal.”

Photo credit: Wunmi Onibudo