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DiGiCo brings joy and happiness to The Bodyguard

Richard Brooker, sound designer for the stage adaptation of The Bodyguard has deployed a DiGiCo SD7T digital mixing console at FOH to help him meet some new audio challenges.

Richard Brooker, theatre sound designer – whose credits include Jesus Christ Superstar, The Sound of Music, Chess and Cabaret – has deployed a DiGiCo SD7T digital mixing console for FOH of the stage adaptation of The Bodyguard, with an SD824 at the monitor position, to help him meet some new audio challenges. The musical is currently playing in London’s West End, at the Adelphi theatre. “When I was approached about The Bodyguard by David Ian and Michael Harrison, the main brief was that the show needed to have filmic qualities and nods to the original movie,” said Brooker. “There’s a lot going on on-stage, resulting in a consequently large number of inputs for musicians, radio mics, etc. There are also quite a lot of sound effects and layered sound effects, to add the filmic quality. It was important to me that we had enough surface area to allow us to always have the entire band up on one layer. This means that Digby [Shaw, Head of Sound], who mixes the show, can mix actively if he needs to.” To cope with this, Brooker supplemented the SD7T with a 007 extension to provide additional worksurface area. “There’s nothing else on the market that I want to use and that is capable of doing all the things I need it to do,” he smiles. “I think I’ve specified a DiGiCo console for every show I’ve worked on for the past five years and, if budget allows, I’ll always go for the SD7T. “For me it’s all about sound quality. And for that, as far as I’m concerned, DiGiCo is the only way forward.”