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dbx DriveRack PA2

Speaker management system

What is it? A speaker management system allowing fast and accurate optimisation of portable PA systems as well as use within a wide range of installed sound applications. Details Said to take the processing options of the original DriveRack PA to an entirely new level, the PA2 includes a new Wizard allows for faster and easier set-up, new AutoEQ and AFS for “professional touring quality” room EQ and “incredibly accurate” Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS). Everything can now be controlled on the fly from a mobile device or laptop using Ethernet control via an Android, iOS, Mac or Windows device. The new Wizard provides users with access to a host of configuration menus with full-colour graphical displays giving accessible visual representations of the parameters being adjusted. The DriveRack PA2 includes a comprehensive suite of system tuning and optimisation tools. The improved AutoEQ enables automatic and precise equalisation of the speakers within a venue to achieve a smoother, more accurate in-room frequency response while the new Advanced Feedback Suppression feature automatically finds and dials out any problematic feedback-producing frequencies. Numerous system-tuning and sonic optimisation capabilities have also been added including dbx compression, graphic and 8-band parametric EQ, dbx’s Subharmonic Synthesis for enhanced low-frequency response, built-in speaker crossover (for full-range, 2-way and 3-way systems) plus limiting and speaker time alignment/delay. And another thing… In addition to its remote control capabilities, the DriveRack PA2 can also be operated via its front-panel controls and display.