David Gray chooses DPA

Singer songwriter David Gray recently completed his tour of Ireland where he made use of the DPA d:facto II vocal microphone.
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Singer songwriter David Gray recently completed his Sounding Out tour of Ireland where he made use of the DPA d:facto II vocal microphone.

FOH engineer Graham Pattinson started working with Gray in 2007 and has engineered all of his live gigs since then. Pattinson decided to incorporate DPA Microphones into the equipment line up on the Irish tour.

Pattison explains: "I've been a fan of DPA microphones for some time because they deliver such great sound quality. However, this was the first time I'd had the opportunity to use the new d:facto II Vocal Microphone and I was really impressed with the results we achieved.

"There were no gain or feedback issues, and even when left with a flat EQ it sounded exactly how I'm used to hearing David's voice. The EQ I did end up using was just to help the vocal sit in well with the instrumentation," continues Pattison.

"During the two week tour we played 11 shows, and did a live streamed and filmed ‘other voices’ show and a live on air RTE radio show. Everyone was coming back to me with very positive feedback about the sound in general as well as his vocal performance."

DPA microphones also played a key role in Gray’s 2011 Lost and Found tour. The team used two d:vote 4099 instrument microphones for the double bass and cello, two d:dicate 4011 Recording Microphones for the acoustic guitar and mandolin, two 4023 microphones for the grand piano and one d:dicate 4011 microphone for Gray's hand pump harmonium.

"I did three tours last year, all with DPA, and I didn't have any microphone failures. Even the miniature cardioid microphone I've been using on David's pump harmonium is still going strong," concludes Pattinson.




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