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d&b rolls up for Sirkus Finlandia

Besides providing well-defined sound for the audience, a d&b audiotechnik T-Series system helps Sirkus Finlandia's acts – from aerial artists to prancing horses – perform their best under the big top.

A d&B T-Series system has found its way under the big top at Sirkus Finlandia, specified by its technical director, BonBon the clown – also known as Lasse NØrager (pictured, right). “By profession I’m a performer, but I’ve worked with sound since I was a teenager, I have done live mixing, studio recording, all sorts. I already had a good experience with d&b audiotechnik loudspeaker systems, I had used the d&b C systems with B2-SUBs before, but now we wanted something more compact and faster for touring,” he said. NØrager had seen and heard the T-Series through a colleague, “He had purchased a system for an installation, I went and listened and thought, this could be ideal for the circus application. Rigged up beside the orchestra does mean we end up with the performer’s mic in front of the PA, but that is pretty much always the situation with a circus. I chose T-Series because it easily fulfils the demands for size and power, and there is a real advantage from having a well-defined and known dispersion above the ring performers, and likewise beneath the aerial acts, because of course they need to hear commands. That is especially true for the animals; a clown or trapeze artist might read the visual signals from their partner, but a prancing horse won’t, they need to be able to hear.” NØrager consulted with Tero Hölttä at msonic Oy (the d&b distributor for Finland), arriving at three T10 cabinets each side. “The directivity is so good there’s little energy into the roof, so we don’t get that pumping off the fabric, even at higher SPLs,” said Hölttä. “Between Tero and me we resolved a mono SUB solution and it is ideal. One B2 is enough and the single source means no low end holes or peaks in the venue,” added NØrager. “In the tent I use almost no EQ and that’s typical of my experience with d&b systems. It’s also a well established brand; when you’re touring 125 cities in seven months that’s important if something happens, I haven’t found an amplifier yet that can survive a king pole being dropped on it; at short notice you can find a D12 pretty much anywhere in Finland.”