CPS Group acquires Stagecraft

CPS Group has announced the purchase of the Stagecraft brand after the recent voluntarily liquidation of Stagecraft Technical Services Ltd, writes Paul Watson.
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After a series of lengthy discussions, CPS Group has acquired the Stagecraft brand together with a significant proportion of its assets to strengthen its stock of industry brands such as ETC, Shure, and Steeldeck, and to help provide a total audio solution to its client base. Richard Colegate, director at CPS, says that although Stagecraft always had a healthy core business, running costs were beginning to exceed working capital, hence the company’s decision to volunteer itself into liquidation. “It was a case of Stagecraft not being able to run the company the way it was running, and we believe we can increase our customer base by serving theirs,” he explains. “Stagecraft has been a well-respected name in the industry for over thirty years. Although we’re in a similar line of work, their big thing was always outdoor stages and ours has been to provide the technical side, so amalgamating the two into the same fold means we’ll be able to provide a turnkey service on staging, lighting and sound, offering a complete solution to our clients.” CPS also welcomes Mike Naish (pictured) to its team, on the premise that the key to a successful production is trust and the solid understanding of the client's needs. “Mike [Naish] has been a key player in this region for many years,” Colegate continues, “and his expertise in staging and his Stagecraft knowledge we believe will help make this transition a seamless one.” Naish himself adds: “Stagecraft clients will continue to enjoy the services of a local and well-respected company and we are extending special delivery and collection services to all Stagecraft customers in Wiltshire, Hampshire and the surrounding area.”



Matrix Group expands in pro audio push

Three major players in the Danish pro audio and entertainment industry have joined the new Matrix Group, which aims to become one of the industry’s leading product suppliers, writes Paul Watson

Turbosound acquired by PROEL Group

EXCLUSIVE: The worst-kept pro-audio industry secret in recent times finally became official yesterday, as Italian manufacturer PROEL spa confirmed it had acquired the assets of UK-based Turbosound Ltd. The deal, for an undisclosed amount, looks set to transform the profiles of both companies in key market sectors, writes Dave Robinson.


AC-ET offers a Shure solution

A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd's audio division has supplied a large Shure UHF-R wireless microphone system to Universal Live, writes Paul Watson.