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Community R-Series

All purpose speaker range

What is it?A range of eight new additions to Community’s R-Series speaker range: three compact enclosures and five R-MAX models.DetailsThe three new compact speakers – R.15COAX, R.35COAX and R.35-3896 are designed to offer system designers increased flexibility through improved music playback, additional coverage patterns and higher output in attractive paintable ABS enclosures. The R.15COAX and R.35COAX use identical 1.25” exit HF compression drivers featuring Community’s Tru-Phase phase plug technology and Carbon Ring Cone woofer designs offering 20% larger cone areas than standard woofers of the same diameter. Both models feature front-loaded LF drivers (6.5” in the R.15COAX and 10” in the R.35COAX) in heavily-reinforced enclosures said to offer natural, non-resonant, low-frequency reproduction, with identical voicing across both models ensuring a uniform listening experience.The dynamic R.35-3896 is a triaxial 8” Carbon Ring Cone speaker featuring Community’s MultiSource Waveguide technology, integrating the output from dual mid-range compression drivers and a 1” exit HF compression driver into a single coherent source. Fully passive, it is voiced for flat musical reproduction without EQ and is said to deliver high SPL levels for a speaker of its size. The Five R-MAX models – R.5-66MAX, R.5-96MAX, R2-64MAX, R2-66MAX and R2-94MAX are described as the “most well-behaved, flattest musical response premium speakers ever offered in the R-Series”. The design features premium 1.4” exit HF drivers and 600W neodymium woofers and is said to deliver well-behaved coverage patterns, flat frequency response, high intelligibility and high broadband output.And another thing…The Community R-Series is designed as an “all-weather, all-purpose” range of horn-loaded, 2-way, full-range enclosures.