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Colourful upgrade for NEXT-proaudio customers

Black is an option... but who wants black these days?

Portuguese manufacturer NEXT-proaudio is gearing up for a colourful future, as it launches a new paint shop to the production process. From this month (September), customised colours, chosen from the RAL library, will be available to customers.

The colour of the grille and metal parts will also be an option, in addition to the hue for the wooden cabinet. Over 45,000 colour combinations are possible, says the company.

According to NEXT-proaudio’s assistant manager André Correia: “The strategy of the company is to provide to the customers a unique product for a unique solution, having 45,369 possible combinations. This makes the speaker an exclusive product for each person.”

Customisation will be available across all speaker series: Touring, Portable and Installation.