Clear-Com HME DX210

Digital intercom system
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What is it?A digital communications system suitable for theatre, live performance, arena and stadium events. DetailsOperating in the 2.4GHz band, the HME DX210 is a newly-designed, two-channel intercom system that has advanced the capabilities of Clear-Com's DX200 model. The intercom interface is now compatible with both Clear-Com and RTS 2-wire systems, and provides two separate 2-wire and 4-wire interconnections. The 1U rack-mounted base station supports up to 16 full-duplex and 44 half-duplex beltpacks and/or wireless headsets by linking four base stations. The DX210 is paired with the rugged BP210 beltpack and all-in-one WH210 wireless headset COMMUNICATORs, which have two intercom buttons (IC1/IC2) with ISO. The system is also backwardly compatible with the DX200 COMMUNICATOR models such as BP200, WH200 and WS200 (Wireless Speaker Station). Up to 15 COMMUNICATORs can be assigned to each base station. In 2-channel mode, any three COMMUNICATORs can operate simultaneously while in 1-channel mode, any four COMMUNICATORs can be used. The expandability of the system allows up to four synchronised, co-located base stations to be combined for a total of 60 COMMUNICATORs with up to 16 in hands-free, full-duplex mode. The DX210 is also equipped with an auto-nulling circuit said to easily null 2-wire connections and eliminate echo.



HME and Clear-Com: a natural synergy

A year after HME’s acquisition of Clear-Com, both companies are pleased with the results of the new alignment. “We work in the same markets but with complementary products,” HME president Mitzi Dominguez tells Mel Lambert.

Clear-Com connects Beijing Television

Intercom specialist Clear-Com has supplied a digital matrix and wireless communications system to Beijing Television (BTV), which allows the state broadcaster to connect intercoms in its new broadcast facility and established studio centre, writes Kevin Hilton.


QVC buys Clear-Com for new facility

Shopping channel QVC UK has moved into new broadcast facilities in London, featuring HD studios and audio equipment including Calrec consoles, Pyramix digital audio workstations and Clear-Com digital intercom.