Cerwin-Vega CVi

Passive PA speakers
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 What is it?A range of passive PA speakers designed to offer durability and portability. DetailsHoused in double-braced wooden enclosures fronted with 18-gauge steel grilles, the CVi series includes two full-range speakers - CVi-152 and CVi-252 - housing 15” and dual 15” drivers and offering peak power capacities of 1kW and 2kW respectively. For LF extension, the range also features two subwoofers - CVi-118S and CVi-218S - offering peak power handling of 1200W and 2400W, respectively, while for stage monitoring applications there’s the 2-way, 1kW CVi-122M. The CVi-218s employs what Cerwin-Vega refers to as an ‘Inverse Synergy’ sub configuration designed to allow the two drivers to work together in the same enclosure and deliver a bass response better than that of the sum of the individual drivers. CVi series enclosures incorporate high-performance 34mm Mylar compression drivers and hemi-conical horns said to deliver smooth and accurate high-frequency response, both on and off axis, while the advanced crossover design provides accurate cross-band summation for a more natural sound field. Enclosures from the range may be freely mixed and matched and offer dual Speakon and 1⁄4” input/output options.