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Carlsbro/Studiomaster joint HQ opens

Located in Milton Keynes, UK, the new facility brings together both Carlbro and Studiomaster’s key operations under one roof.

Carlsbro/Studiomaster’s new joint HQ, distribution and logistics centre is now fully operational. Located in Milton Keynes, UK, the facility brings together all of the two brands’ key operations under one roof. R&D teams, for both Carlsbro and Studiomaster, UK and worldwide sales, international administration, service and support, international marketing, and UK and Ireland distribution are all now fully operational from the new centre. Commenting on the establishment of the new HQ, Carlsbro and Studiomaster assistant general manager, Patrick Almond (pictured, left), said: “The commencement of full logistics operations from our new HQ marks the completion of yet another critical stage in our new business plan, following the management and operational restructuring of both brands and the major reconfiguration and upgrading of the Carlsbro product portfolio. With the service capability provided from the new facility, we are now in position to not only provide bigger and better than ever distribution capabilities for Carlsbro and Studiomaster product brands, but also to roll out our new Hurtz consumer product line.” International business development, sales and marketing director, Paul Brewis (pictured, right), added: “Our new HQ is the cornerstone of a new international service provision that will include the establishment of regional Carlsbro/Studiomaster HQs in key locations across the world, in order to provide the very best worldwide distribution and service capabilities to distributors and dealers of any MI/pro-audio manufacturer.”