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Bose Professional RoomMatch Array Modules

Array modules

What is it? A range of 22 new additions to Bose’s RoomMatch series of array modules offering horizontally asymmetrical coverage patterns. Details Extending the range of enclosures to some 42 different models with individual coverage patterns, the new models are said to offer system designers “unprecedented coverage control and scalability for venues including houses of worship, auditoriums, performing arts centres and sports arenas”. RoomMatch asymmetrical pattern modules help improve sound quality in many types of room by reducing side-wall reflections and improving consistency from seat to seat without the need to ‘yaw in’ array aiming. The modules are also said to improve stereo soundstage effects when used either in left/right pairs or in L/C/R array configurations. According to Bose, the modules incorporate the only currently-available large-format asymmetrical waveguides – with pattern control down to 800Hz – said to improve vocal clarity by reducing room reflections in the critical 1-4kHz vocal range. All RoomMatch full-range modules incorporate six EMB2 extended midrange compression drivers with 2″ voice coils for the upper frequencies and dual Bose LF10 high-excursion, 10″ woofers with 3″ voice coils for the lows. RoomMatch full-range array modules offer a frequency response of 60-16k Hz (+/- 3 db) and sustained 500W RMS power handing (2kW peak). And another thing… RoomMatch modules are designed to form ‘Progressive Directivity Arrays’ – a new development in curvilinear array technology through which the directivity of each module may be varied to optimise coverage for a specific room.