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Bose PowerMatch

Multi-channel amp range

What is it? A range of 4 and 8-channel amplifiers said to combine concert-quality sound with a high level of scalability and configurability. Details The PowerMatch line-up currently comprises four models offering multiple channel and power options and incorporating integrated audio DSP, front-panel interfacing and USB connection. Ethernet-equipped versions facilitate network configuration, control and monitoring while the built-in expansion slot also supports a range of optional digital audio accessory cards. The PowerMatch PM8500 and PM8500N (network) models are 8-channel designs capable of delivering 4kW (8 x 500W) into 4 ohms, configurable for Mono, V-bridge, I-Share or Quad modes. Offering a similar feature set, the PM8250 and PM8250N versions deliver 8 x 250W into 4 ohms, while the PM4500/PM4500N and PM4250/PM4250N are all 4-channel versions delivering corresponding outputs also into 4 ohms. All PowerMax amplifiers can be configured using Bose’s ControlSpace Designer software (via USB), allowing access to additional features such as parametric EQ, load sweep of each output channel and auto standby. The dual voltage design combines Class-D efficiency with a unique feedback loop circuit which continuously monitors and controls both the current and voltage delivered to the loudspeaker load. Independent of power level and load impedance, the amplifier is said to consistently deliver the widest possible dynamic range, frequency response and lowest possible distortion. And another thing… ControlSpace Designer software can also be used to integrate PowerMatch network models into larger control and monitoring systems comprising Bose ESP processors and CC control centres.