Barix streams Pope Benedict XVI at Bresso Airport

Barix AG provided audio over IP streaming of Pope Benedict XVI at the VII World Meeting of Families at the Bresso Airport near Milan, Italy, using Exstreamer 500 and 100 devices.
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Barix AG provided audio over IP streaming of Pope Benedict XVI at the VII World Meeting of Families at the Bresso Airport near Milan, Italy. The religious service was delivered wirelessly in real-time to more than 300 loudspeakers positioned throughout the grounds. The Catholic Church organizes the World Meeting of Families every three years. This year’s five-day event was held 30 May through 3 June, including two main services led by Pope Benedict XVI. An estimated one million people were on hand at Bresso Airport to witness the services, which were also broadcast on television worldwide. Italian audio/visual company M.M.S. Srl provided four Barix Exstreamer 500 devices that encoded the audio for streaming over an Ubiquiti Nanostation 5 AirMax 5.4GHz network, feeding four transmission towers. M.M.S. Srl also connected 22 Barix Exstreamer 100 to Ubiquiti Nanostation receivers for audio decoding at the loudspeaker points. The loudspeakers were distributed amongst 24 towers to cover numerous audio paths, with the most distant end points located approximately three-quarters of a mile from the stage. “It was imperative that the audio was carried wirelessly, and the other products we tested did not come close to the consistency of the Barix products,” said Domenico Carnuccio, sound engineer, M.M.S. Srl. “They allowed us to deploy a strong audio network in a short amount of time and at a reasonable price.”



Calrec supports Salzburg Airport opera

Calrec Audio supplied an Artemis Beam console that handled surround-sound routing for a full-scale, live-to-air production of Mozart's opera The Abduction From the Seraglio in two hangars at Salzburg Airport – an event that the host broadcaster called "Austria's most complex, prestigious, and important audio event in 2013."

Aerielle unleashes the i2i Stream

US: The new wireless digital device is intended "to elevate the experience of listening to audio", reports David Davies. Developed by California-based Aerielle Inc, the i2i Stream wireless digital device is said to be the first to allow users to broadcast audio from media sources - for example, iPods, musical instruments and gaming devices - to earphones/headphones and speakers of their choice.


Mirror Image launches Audio Streaming Service

International digital delivery specialists Mirror Image have launched Audio Streaming Service, a new transcoding service for radio stations that enables broadcasters to deliver live audio streams at multiple bitrates and formats anywhere in the world using the HTTP protocol.