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Aviom SK6

Stage box system

What is it? A Stage Kit providing an enclosure for Aviom’s AllFrame Multi-Modular I/O system to be used as a stagebox in live applications.DetailsThe AllFrame multi-modular I/O System is designed to bring the flexibility of the Aviom’s Pro64 audio network to the wall box, stagebox or floor pocket. While the AllFrame is intended for permanent installations (such as houses of worship, theatres, schools and conference centres), the SK6 extends its flexibility to touring and portable live sound applications. The system is said to eliminate several expensive and labour-intensive stages of the signal chain while reducing cable clutter and enhancing flexibility.At the centre of the AllFrame multi-modular I/O system is the F6 modular I/O frame – a multi-purpose network frame with six field-configurable I/O card slots and integrated Cat5e and fibre-optic connectivity. The F6 can be outfitted to meet the audio I/O requirements of nearly any application with C4m mic/line input cards and C4o output cards, as well as Aviom’s up-coming C4dio digital I/O Cards. Mounting facilities include on-wall or in-wall options using a standard NEMA Type 1 enclosure or rack-mounting, with connectors facing the front or rear, using the RK6 Rack-Mount Kit.And another thing…The F6 can be powered in multiple ways, including a four-pin XLR connector, a Euroblock connector or one of the Cat5 A-Net ports.