Aviom A360

Personal mixing system
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What is it? An advanced 36-channel personal mixer for use in both stage and studio applications.DetailsThe A360 is powered by an advanced 36-channel mix engine supporting 16 standard mix channels, a stereo or mono Dual Profile channel and stereo or mono ambience. Each mix channel can be switched to either stereo or mono, while control over the stereo image of the entire mix is carried out using Aviom’s new Stereo Placement controls. With high-resolution panning for mono channels and use of the Pan-Spread control for stereo channels, every channel can be positioned precisely in the stereo field without losing fidelity.The Dual Profile channel may be used as a 17th stereo or mono mix channel or as a mirror of one of the 16 standard mix channels. Either way, it stores two sets of data for the assigned channel, allowing quick changes of volume, stereo placement, reverb and EQ on a selected channel without affecting the rest of the mix. With a dedicated section in the 36-channel mix engine, it’s possible to add ambience using either an onboard mic or set up room mics and send signals via Cat-5 cable - without sacrificing other channels. Each A360 in a system can draw on up to 64 channels, so that instrumentalists have all the inputs they need, and with 16 standard presets, plus four Instant Mix Recalls, there’s sufficient space and easy access to stored mixes.And another thing… An Enhance feature on the A360 is designed to help musicians get the most out of their in-ear monitors and headphones, delivering more punch in the bass and improved HF performance. 




Korn tours world with Aviom

Korn drummer Ray Luzier has been using an Aviom personal mixer on tour for over two years and keyboardist Zac Baird added the kit to his list in 2013 when the band set out to tour its album, The Paradigm Shift.