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Aviom A360

Personal mixer

What is it? A personal mixer designed for both stage and studio use incorporating a 36-channel mix engine supporting 16 standard stereo or mono channels, a stereo or mono Dual Profile Channel, plus stereo or mono ambience. Details The 36-channel mix engine offers customisable channel selection and layout from a 64-channel network. Control over volume, reverb and EQ is provided per channel together with master bass, treble and enhance plus four instant mix recalls and 16 standard presets. A rear-panel USB jack allows all mixer settings to be stored or loading onto a different mixer. Control over the stereo image of the entire mix is also possible through the A360’s Stereo Placement controls and with high-resolution panning for mono channels and an innovative Pan-Spread control for stereo channels, it’s possible to position every channel precisely in the stereo field of the mix. Aviom’s innovative Dual Profile Channel may be used as a 17th stereo or mono mix channel or as a mirror of one of the 16 standard mix channels. Either way, it stores two sets of channel settings for the assigned channel, making it possible to quickly change the volume, stereo placement, reverb and EQ of a selected channel without affecting the rest of the mix. The A360 also features a dedicated section for ambience using either the onboard ambience mic or setting up room mics and sending the channels over Cat-5 cable, without sacrificing other channels. And another thing… In addition to 1/4″ and 1/8″ TRS stereo outputs for headphones and in-ears, the A360 adds an XLR Mono Mix Out with dedicated volume control for connection to a powered wedge or subwoofer.