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Avid S3L

Live processor and controller.

What is it? An HDX-powered processor and control surface for both live and studio use. Details The modular Avid S3L System comprises a high-performance HDX-powered processing engine running AAX plug-ins with scalable, remote I/O (for use on stage or in a rack) and a compact control surface suitable for both live and studio use. A fault-tolerant Gigabit Ethernet network connects all devices and uses the open Ethernet AVB and EUCON standards for maximum performance and flexibility. Avid’s VENUE software drives the system, with Virtual Soundcheck and direct Pro Tools (or other DAW) integration making it possible to record directly through a laptop’s Ethernet port, using the S3 control surface as a EUCON controller (feature coming soon). VENUE show files can be carried around on a USB key for use on any Avid live system. The compact, 16-fader S3 control surface features six bankable layers, 32 touch-sensitive encoders, high-resolution OLEDs and multi-colour channel control parameter section for fast mix adjustments. It offers a full complement of I/O, dual Gigabit Ethernet AVB ports (featuring latching etherCON connectors) and USB connections for a keyboard and mouse. The E3 engine runs VENUE software and provides control over the entire system. The high-performance, HDX-powered processing engine supports AAX DSP plug-ins and includes 24 aux busses, LCR, plus 8 mono matrixes and 8 VCAs. It offers 2-track recording/playback using standard USB flash drives and three Gigabit Ethernet AVB ports with a separate Ethernet port for remote control using a laptop or tablet. And another thing… As a modular system, the S3L can be configured for use with up to 64 mic pre’s and with reliable Ethernet AVB connectivity dispenses with the bulk of cabled systems.