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Avid Dugan-VN16

Live system expansion card

What is it? A new key new option card for Avid live systems designed to improve audio quality and simplify mixing in multi-mic applications. Details The Dugan-VN16 option card expands Avid live systems to include patented automixing technology, creating a “reliable, easy-to-configure” solution that allows live sound professionals to deliver faster, higher-quality mixes. Developed and manufactured by Dan Dugan Sound Design, the Dugan-VN16 can be used to simplify mixing and improve audio quality in situations where multiple speech microphones are used – such as theatre performances, conferences, house of worship services etc. Offering improved operational efficiency by automatically adjusting microphone levels faster than would be possible manually, the Dugan-VN16 is unlike a conventional noise gate which potentially can introduce unwanted sonic artifacts. Sound engineers can use it to significantly reduce feedback, comb filtering and background noise without having to manually adjust levels. And another thing… The Dugan-VN16 reliably manages and mixes up to 16 open microphones and provides improved system I/O flexibility with 16 channels of ADAT optical I/O.