Audix M1280B

Miniature condenser mic
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What is it?A new addition to Audix’ miniature Micros Series condenser microphones suitable for a wide range of live and fixed install applications. DetailsWith its integrated preamp and detachable cable, the M1280B is available with a selection of four capsules offering either cardioid, hypercardioid, omni or supercardioid (shotgun) polar patterns. The mic is designed to handle a wide variety of instrument mic’ing applications and when paired with Audix’ MicroBoom system of 24”, 50”, and 84” carbon fibre boom arms, is said to offer a perfect solution for acoustic stringed instruments, choral and overhead mic’ing in addition to brass and woodwinds. The capsule design incorporates a 12mm gold vapour diaphragm said to to produce a linear frequency response of 40Hz - 20kHz, with the internal circuitry offering extremely low noise, low distortion, plus 100% immunity from RF caused by cell phones and wireless GSM devices.