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Audio-Technica BP894 MicroSet

Headworn condenser mic

What is it? A subminiature condenser headworn microphone for use in live sound applications, theatres and houses of worship. Details Inspired by A-T’s BP892 MicroSet, the BP894 features a rotating capsule housing with talk-side indicator for use on either ear and offering “perfect” polar pattern placement. The design allows the cardioid capsule to be aimed directly at the sound source (ie, facing the mouth, rather than facing forward), with the uniform pickup pattern offering high rejection of surrounding noise and “exceptional” gain-before-feedback levels when used with live sound systems and stage monitors. The BP894 MicroSet is described as an inconspicuous and ergonomic design which rests comfortably behind the ear and can be worn for hours without fatigue. Its contoured earpiece is designed to stay in place – no matter how animated the performer – without interfering with the user’s glasses, if these are worn. Supplied with the AT8464 Dual-Ear Microphone Mount which can be attached to provide maximum stability, the microphone is said to deliver superior intelligibility and clean, accurate reproduction across a 20Hz – 20kHz range at SPL levels up to 135dB. And another thing… The BP894 is supplied as part of a broad range of packages in both black and theatre beige finishes.