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Audio-Technica ATM610a/S

Dynamic stage mic

What is it?A hypercardioid, dynamic microphone designed for handheld vocal applications.Details A variation on Audio-Technica’s ATM610a model, the ATM610a/S features a lockable MagnaLock on/off switch design to provide silent on/off operation and greater versatility across a range of applications. Like the ATM610a, the ATM610a/S features a hypercardioid polar pattern and is particularly suited to vocal applications where the user needs to be to control his or her own mic – for example, when an engineer is not present or when used as a high-quality talk-back mic. With a quoted frequency response of 40Hz -16kHz, the ATM610a/S features rare earth magnet for articulate vocal reproduction plus a multi-stage grille design said offer excellent protection against plosives and sibilance without compromising high-frequency clarity. The rugged, all-metal design features an internal shock mount for reduced handling and stage noise and corrosion-resistant, gold-plated contacts on the XLRM connector.And another thing…The ATM610a/S is supplied with a Quiet-Flex stand clamp for silent, flexible microphone positioning.