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Dante network interface
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What is it? A fully-featured, ready-to-use Dante interface for networked audio products. Details Integrated into a single 13mm x 13mm chip, Ultimo is said to accelerate the migration from analogue to digital signal distribution. According to Audinate, it offers an integrated, cost-effective networked audio solution over a 100Mbps Ethernet interface. The system includes well-established Dante features like automatic device discovery, plug-and-play networking, network-based firmware updates and customisation of device names and channel labels. Ultimo’s 2in+2out, 100Mbps Ethernet interface is suitable for a wide range of audio I/O devices, offering high-performance media networking, low latency and "tightly synchronised" transport of uncompressed audio over IP networks. IA simple I2S audio interface allows direct connection to a wide variety of ADC, DAC, DSP and amplifier chips, while the wide selection of control interfaces - including SPI, UART and GPIO - provide products with networked control. The design also offers low-jitter audio clock synthesis with ±1μs time alignment between networked devices. And another thing… Applications targeted for Ultimo include powered speakers, microphones, speakerphones, amplifiers, paging stations, personal monitoring systems, AV wall plates, recording interfaces, analogue/digital break-in/break out and musical instruments.



Audinate shipping Ultimo Dante interface

Launched in February 2013, Ultimo is a Dante interface for networked audio products, integrated into a single 13 x 13mm chip, which can extend the benefits of Dante networking to a whole new range of audio devices.

Yamaha, Audinate to stage online training

WORLD: The 'webinars' aim to assist those working with Dante-MY16-AUD card-equipped Yamaha digital mixing solutions, reports David Davies. Geared towards the requirements of end-users, audio consultants, rental houses and installation companies, the two sessions will each commence with an overview of the Dante networking solution.


SSL launches MADI Dante Bridge

Solid State Logic adds its weight to the adoption of Dante and AVB as the industry standard choice for audio over IP networks with the release of the world’s first standalone broadcast specification MADI-Dante interface.