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Assisi systems integrator Acoustic Light invests in Vi3000

70 per cent of the company's inventory consists of Harman gear, including JBL, AKG, Crown and other Soundcraft consoles

Italian systems integrator Acoustic Light has added a Soundcraft Vi3000 console to its Harman-dominated inventory. The console was sold to Assisi-based Acoustic Light, which caters to large-scale musical events, orchestras and choirs, through Harman’s regional distributor, Leading Technologies.

“I was excited when the Vi4 and Vi6 were launched, and the Vi1 has also been perfect for a lot of my needs,” says Stephan Lüthi, the owner of the company, who adds that 70 per cent of his inventory consists of Harman gear, including JBL loudspeakers, AKG microphones, Crown amplifiers and other Soundcraft consoles.

“They are delightful consoles to work with, leading to great successes at major festivals. Now that we’ve grown as a company, we want to continue our reliance on the Harman gear that helped us get to this stage, and so we did not hesitate in ordering the new Vi3000.”

Lüthi also comments that he “greatly appreciates the distinct ease-of-use that Soundcraft consoles grant sound engineers at any venue”. Thanks to the onboard inputs and outputs of the Vi3000, communication across the signal chain is seamless, making the console convenient for projects taking place in conference rooms and theatres.

“I just love Soundcraft, and that’s why I have always used their consoles,” Lüthi concludes. “Even though the market is full of other brands, none of them satisfy me as much as Soundcraft, in terms of convenience and sound quality. Now that we are equipped with the Vi3000, we will be able to tackle any show with ease.”